Own A Piece of Hollywood.

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The NEO Films Story

I was sitting in a meeting with several film execs. “We like the story, but you’re a no-name… How about we buy the script off of you and we’ll get one of our top directors for it.” I couldn’t believe what I was
hearing. They honestly believed that someone else could make a film that I had lived and breathed for over 2 years better than I could!

That’s where it all began. I knew that I was good and I knew that I had what it takes, and they did too, but the only reason they didn’t want to have me direct it was because my name wasn’t bankable yet. So many of us have what it takes but then some big-wig or corporate juggernaut is standing in the way of our destiny. Would I roll over, take the money, and crawl back in my hole, or would I find another way
to take action on my vision and bring it to life?

The Film Industry is broken and it’s time for us to fix it! I connected with friends I have in the industry like Topher Hall, Lilton Stewart III, Jack Snyder, Kevin Caliber and decided that combined with the knowledge and family I had in the crypto world, we could create a film studio that would not only bring our visions to life, without the red tape of bureaucracy, but the power would be in the hands of the people. 

A Web 3 film studio. For the people, by the people.

Neo Film NFTs will let holders participate in our filmmaking, with a one-of-a-kind VIP pass and a share in the revenue from our creations. On top of all of that, the Neo Film community will have a say in what
actors we use and other Production level stuff that even if “you’re a no one,” you’ll have a voice and be someone.

Neo Films is about your story too. All of us united is greater than a few gatekeepers. Let’s start a revolution! Welcome To Zion!!

Founder NFTs

By purchasing a Founder NFT, you will be a holder: you get voting rights on pivotal filmmaking decisions, one-of-a-kind memorabilia airdrops, and a share in our revenue. If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the film industry this is your ticket!


Behind the scenes access, raffles of memorabillia, all-expense paid trips to our film sets, a chance to be an extra in our films, access to red carpet premieres, table reads, and so much more! Our NEO NFTs give holders access to the film industry in ways that were never possible before.

The Roadmap

We've already begun. None of this is theory or what ifs. We make films and sell them, now you get to be a part of that so we can make more!
Mind Virus – A Web3 Documentary
We have already begun the pre-production on this documentary and are gathering the key players in Web3 and Defi to bring it to life. Once official, we will announce all of the details
Founder NFT Sales Begin
For those of you who want a piece of the action, this is for you. Be a film producer from the comfort of your computer, get credited on the film, enter raffles for amazing opportunities, and get paid when the production sells. Welcome to Hollywood.
Pre-Production – What Happens at Home
We're already in conversations with Netflix on the sale and purchase of this one so our job is to make sure we get the actors needed that help Netflix give us the green light. The good news? The actors they want are friends with our team. Let's do this.
Neo NFT's Minting in Rounds
With film making, we have Pre-Production, Principal Photography, and Post Production. Our NFTs will mint in rounds to fund each phase of the production process. The more you learn about what we are doing, the harder it is going to be to get into the second and third rounds! Advice? Get in on round one and make sure you get to be a part of NEO Masterpiece Films.

Quick Questions

Neo Masterpiece Films is a production company that will leverage Blockchain technology as a disruptive tool to forever change filmmaking by providing everyone with actual value, usefulness, and ownership. We will construct a community that will prove to be vital to the film industry moving forward.

・We are providing formulaic processes to all of our holders that have been proven and used for decades in the film industry.
・To keep it plainly. we are making normal people Executive Producers.

Holding a founder NFT gives you rights in our discord to vote on pivotal decisions that our company must make ie. Casting, what films to produce next, exclusive access, etc.

Our team has over two decades of experience in the film industry. Our team has experience working on projects currently on Freeform, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Most recently awarded multiple accolades from San Francisco Indie film festival, Los Angeles International Film Festival, and many more. Our Team has one decade of experience in marketing and application development along with a heightened emphasis on Web3 Technologies, NFTs, and blockchain development. Technologies including Binance, Solana, Node.js, AWS, Flutter ..etc

It is possible for a film to “flop” but we have created avenues to ensure that no matter what our projects make money. Theatrical release is always goal number one, but if this doesn’t happen, we have resources and agents to sell the project to multiple streaming platforms.

Totally! Our goal is to put the power of filmmaking in your hands. This is one of our mission statements. So if you think you have a great idea- submit a ticket – we think it is a viable idea.. the next step we ask is for you to create a pitch deck that will be presented to the founders for a vote and then presented to the community for the final say.

・We are an established film studio and rewards are shared by ALL of our holders.
・We have specific reward-building vehicles that will be provided to all holders in our film projects.
・We also provide airdrops to our Founder’s Pass holders from royalties collected from the trading of our NFTs.

All holders can trade their NFTs, but if you do, you miss out on the amazing benefits of holding like exclusive access and special airdrops.

We are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meet our team

Aaron Markham
Owner & Visionary
Topher Hall
Lilton Stewart III
JB The Wizard
Jack Snyder
Kevin Caliber
Wyatt Weed
Reginald VelJohnson
Monica Butler
Adam Reisz
J. Horton
Jeff Alipio